Fancy Meeting You Here!
I’m Brian. For the past 15+ years, I have led and created work for a whole bunch of clients, across Digital, Social Media, Experiential, TV, Radio, Print and PR. 
Things I Love
Taking really tricky problems and delivering great work. Writer’s rooms that veer off into moments of gleeful insanity. Obsessive quests to find the perfect combination of words. Dreaming up ridiculous dinner party menus and then figuring out how to get Gochujang and Shaoxing wine by Friday.
Things I Don't Love
Big egos. Small mindedness. Medium-sized effort.
Did You Know?
I wrote a book about homebrewing and showed up in another book as a character named "Doug."
I've run in a few marathons and participated in the very first Tough Mudder
I'm a pretty good cook and a pretty awful baker
My contact information is right below this line

Brian Kunath | 718.499.0604
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