"House of Walker" tasting events have always been a popular and effective way to introduce our 30-something target audience to Johnnie Walker. But limited budgets restricted these to just a handful a year. We wanted to leverage these events to turn them from one-off experiences to ongoing relationships. Otherwise, our audience would simply continue doing what they’ve always done: enjoy a night of Scotch and then return to drinking vodka, their drink of choice.
So we modernized our look and message. We brought the brand to the places our audience goes—mobile, social media and online. And we gave them a voice and a community. Watch the video to see how we transformed a fun night out into a reinvigorated, modern brand experience that saw a 123% increase in registrants to our loyalty club program, a 34% increase in Scotch drinkers among new members and an 88% spike in positive brand perception.
TL;DR: Good use of tech enhances a live experience and gives people a reason and a way to tell the world about it.
Online event promotion.
House of Walker celebrity promotion.

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