Every guy dreams of raising his hand to the barkeep and confidently ordering a round of scotch. But confidence requires a little knowledge of the drink you're demanding -- especially when that drink is as complex and steeped in history as scotch whisky.
The "Scotch Insider" is a CRM program that brought fans behind the scenes of Johnnie Walker and into a world of exclusive content and brotherhood. Scotch drinkers could use a mobile map to lead friends to local bars serving Johnnie Walker, match wits with our Master of Whisky, follow Robert Carlyle on a guided tour of Walker history, take part in the world's longest toast and more. By journey's end, whisky neophytes were transformed into official "Scotch Insiders." 
TL;DR: Empowering fans to talk about a luxury brand in a way that makes them look special is a powerful way to create advocacy. 
Scotch Insider - Award Entry
Ask The Master - Are Single Malts Better Than Blends?
Ask The Master - Isn't Blending Whisky Easy?
Ask The Master - How Do You Become a 'Master of Whisky?"
The Man Who Walked Around the World - Interactive Experience

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