With new competition threatening iRobot for dominance in the robot vacuum cleaner market, we knew that the brand needed to evolve beyond only showcasing product features and benefits. Let the other guys fight over specs. We figured the best way to differentiate iRobot was to focus on its popularity and trade on the emotional connection with owners that tech-focused competitors like Dyson couldn't match.
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Pitch Video
"Meet the Robots" is the story we created for our pitch, which we told from the perspective of a Roomba. 
January 1st, 2016.
We figured no emoji set should be complete without Roomba
We often told our story from the POV of the Roomba catching the family and pets doing their thing.
We also liked to find out things about our audience. Turns out "Other" is a popular Roomba name.
Just Press Clean Videos
Video series' like this one showcased Roomba's abilities in homes and in context of the season.
July Episode: How to clean you floors from the beach.
August Episode: How to clean after summer break.
October Episode: How to have a clean Halloween.
Friday the 13th
May the 4th
Summer post that celebrated all seasonal things that are Roomba-shaped
We often pulled in our favorite fan posts.
Even yoga studios relax a bit more when Roomba's around.
Future TV presenter, showing off a Roomba we sent the family for the holidays.

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