iRobot wanted to convince online shoppers that they should get mom a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot for Mother's Day. But in a $20B online market around the holiday, how could they break through?
Noting the saccharine sentiments too many brands say about moms, we decided to inject a dose of reality. So we actually asked moms what they wanted to hear most from their kids on Mother’s Day. It was unanimous: forget the flowery phrases and tell your mom that you’re #Sorry4TheMess.
The social media campaign eclipsed all other iRobot marketing efforts combined and returned in 2016.
Launch Videos
We recreated memories from real people who had made epic childhood messes, ending with them telling mom #Sorry4TheMess. 
Launch Videos
We shot the videos in a single day, also capturing original photography from the set.
Launch Videos
Meticulous storyboarding and pre-pro were crucial to capturing our stories beautifully.
Launch Videos
Working with a talented director in Elizabeth Orne was also critical to capturing the spirit of the campaign.
Campaign Imagery
We visualized the fun we all had as kids and used the same mess to tell mom we're sorry.
Campaign Imagery
Images were used to customize iRobot's social channels throughout the season.
Object Typography
Working with our production team, we shot original photos that counted down to Mother's Day.
Object Typography
The photos used common kid messes and showed Roomba ready to clean up.
Object Typography
We used an overhead rig to capture photos from above, while our Art Director designed the next shot.
Sales Drivers
Of course, we also reminded fans why now is the right time to gift mom a Roomba.
Mother's Day Card
We used select #Sorry4TheMess fan submissions to create a final card for moms everywhere on Mother's Day.

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