The common brand approach when discussing Crohn's is to be careful, euphemistic and sympathetic. Crohn's is, after all, a serious and chronic illness that causes real pain and embarrassment. When we actually looked at Crohn's communities online, however, the tone was direct, unsparingly graphic and often quite funny. 
"Talk to Your Doctor" brings some of that humor into the messaging, while ensuring each message is grounded in empathy and rooted in actual symptoms real people report. 

We kept the visuals simple and object-oriented, revealing the view of the person.


This visual POV has the brand stepping in the shoes of a person with Crohn's to communicate empathy.


The headlines convey humor by omission: Crohn's is implied in each situation.


Each situation is pulled directly from what users complained to each other about online.

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The call to action leads directly to the name of the medication.



The campaign was flexible enough to be less humorous and more straightforward in its messaging

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