When it comes to curing cancer, the future feels elusive. Always at a distance, just out of reach. So when the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center made the unprecedented claim that they can cure cancer by 2025, we wanted to make this very real date feel tangible and attainable. 
Speaking to would-be donors from the year 2025, this campaign reveals the near future as not unlike the present. It’s an ordinary place just a few years down the road, where the bus still runs a little late, traffic still backs up at rush hour and coffee, not soylent green, is still our beverage of choice. But it’s also a place where cancer has been cured because of the donations you decided to make to the center today.
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Party Invite from 2025
To make the promise of a cancer cure more real (and personal), we send every Seattle donor an 
invitation from the year 2025 to an actual party celebrating the end of cancer.
Site-specific messaging about local landmarks (and the human experience) reminds viewers that the future is both very tangible and right around the corner.
 A partnership with the Pacific Science Center Planetarium ties in the optimism of exploration with our advance toward a cancer cure with signage, seminars and messaging.

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