Edge Shave Gel “Get Your Edge” promises average guys an edge in the morning by offering a closer shave. But what about the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day?
To get guys to think of Edge beyond the bathroom sink, we turned the brand from face shaver to game changer with Edge Dream Job. Working with dream employers like Sports Illustrated and Seth Meyer's writing staff at "The Awesomes," we turned social media into a gamified job vetting process that let guys vie for amazing career opportunities using their phone, their skills and #edgedreamjob.
Winner: Sabre Award for Gamification; Shortlist: Facebook Awards
Launch Video
The Boss introduced the contest and became the ultimate decider in chief.
Hero Page
The gamified job application process connected submissions from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Dream Job Listings
We produced four videos that introduced the job opportunities.
Job Page
Each job opportunity had its own page, complete with latest submissions and a "Resume Stack" leaderboard.
Resume Page
Applicants could view their submissions and use "Resume Boosters" to improve their ranking.
Social Posts
The Boss updated applicants on the contest, commented on submissions and busted chops when necessary.
The contest was promoted on our partners' sites and through a paid media push on websites and social media.
Application Flow

User Submissions
Here are two of the more than 50,000 submissions we received from fans looking for land their Dream Job.

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