Following its historic decision to end tobacco sales in its stores, CVS Health has continued to be a significant contributor to the fight against tobacco. Now, they wanted to take the fight to social media.
Teens who use social media are 5x more likely to smoke, which shows the persuasiveness of the pervasive medium. We needed to counter the spread of smoking influence with our own effort. #BeTheFirst challenges this generation to be the first one to quit smoking forever. Our team provided the concept and the thinking behind the execution, which was completed by a CVS vendor.
This was a small project, but one close to many of our hearts. Please find out more at
TL;DR: A small budget demands big ideas to make an impact.
Kickoff Video
With smoking going down to historically low numbers, this is our chance to be the first generation to quit forever. 
#BeTheFirst website
Copy: This was iTunes for your dad. Isn't it great that things can change? #BeTheFirst tobacco-free generation.
Copy: If you think being the first tobacco-free generation is fiction, think again. #BeTheFirst
Copy: History is filled with nay-sayers who were proven wrong. Be a yea-sayer by stomping out smoking for good. #BeTheFirst.
Copy: Wanna join our startup? The hours are good, the air is fresh and you get to live a long, healthy life. #BeTheFirst tobacco-free generation.
Copy: Let 'em know that smoking on social media is a swipe left for you. #BeTheFirst
Copy: Save a lot of lives in 140 characters. Retweet #BeTheFirst tobacco-free generation.
Copy: Let's improve the taste buds of 40 million smokers who insist on ruining spaghetti night. #BeTheFirst
Copy: Extend your life simply by not doing something. Pass it on: #BeTheFirst
Copy: Americans send 6 billion text messages a day. Still don't think you can get the word out? #BeTheFirst
Copy: Smoking kills both Dems and Repubs. Let's #BeTheFirst tobacco-free generation. 

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