Crayola is one of those products you know is good for kids, even if you can’t quite say why. Something to do with creativity and fun, right? We saw Crayola as even more important than that, and wanted to help the brand break out of its product-focused messaging and into the world of social media conversation.
“Color Everywhere” sees Crayola as the brand that helps the next generation think in new and nonlinear ways, preparing them for a future we can't possibly imagine today. Forget coloring within the lines. In fact, forget the page altogether. We turned the world into a canvas and handed over the crayons.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
JRR Tolkien's Birthday
Anniversary of 1st South Pole Expedition
Oscar's Birthday
Remembering Maya Angelou
Anniversary of Rubick's Cube
"Crayola Insta-Wow" brought kids' wildest requests to life

July 4th
Facebook Cover Page Video
Materials: Crayola Crayons, Sidewalk Chalk, Modeling Magic Sculpting Clay, Construction Paper
Peanuts Anniversary 
Crayola Chicken meets Tinysaurus Rex
Hand-Crafted Facebook Cover Photos

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