Carefree has always been a product of concealment. Hidden under the sink. Tucked away in the bottom of your bag. Used to avoid embarrassment. The brand needed to come into the light.
“Fresh is Fierce” challenges ideas of what it means to wear a pantyliner. It’s not about hiding or embarrassment. It’s about feeling fresh for you and you alone. Just one more ordinary routine to put you on top. Because when you feel your best, you are at your fiercest.  
2.9M video views; Campaign hit goals in less than a month
Men React 
A kickoff video schooled mansplainers on what women really go through to feel confident.
Social content reinforced the confident feeling Carefree provides with real women being all awesome.
Landing Page
Fierce content on our Tumblr "party page" equated Carefree Pantiliners with the emotion of feeling fresh and daring. 
Sign Up Page
We offered visitors a "7 Days of Fierce" sample box with a week’s worth of liners accompanied by confidence-boosting mini-dares to take on each day. To make wearing liners part of their daily routine, we designed the box to fit in women's underwear drawers.
The entire experience was optimized for mobile.
Daily Dare
Here's a sample of a mini-dare to help women feel fierce.
One Liners
The "Fresh Is Fierce" mantra was reinforced by bad ass lines that celebrated the modern woman.

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