A lot of cigar makers try to sell you average smokes with ads that use fancy words, tenuous claims of authenticity and tired cliches. Our campaign told them to "Get Real," and invited consumers to taste a Camacho Cigar for themselves.
The campaign included a website and Facebook presence, DM, emails, fulfillment, a "Get Real" app that let you call BS on Internet phonies and more. 
The campaign was also used to challenge the biggest cigar phony of them all: Fernando, an unbranded social media personality who you'll find lurking elsewhere in this portfolio.
TL;DR: Finding the essence of the brand helps create campaigns that feel honest and authentic.
Print Ads
 A 3-page print ad in Cigar Aficianado and Cigar Snob satirized the inflated language and boasts of other cigar brands.
Landing Page
Ads drove to a landing page that gave a quick a history of Camacho cigars and offered a free cigar to try.
We designed a package and letter that was every bit as bold and edgy as the cigar it contained.
Inside the trial box was slick brochure that included a coupon for a box of Camacho cigars and a social CTA.

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