Camacho Cigars stands for authenticity, wrapped in attitude. The brand isn’t afraid to call out phony marketing from competitors, but the company needed a way to gain visibility amongst bigger brands.
Cigar marketing tends to be hilariously bro-dude. So we figured we’d satirize the category with a character who embodies all the bluster, ostentation and casual sexism of the typical cigar ad and call him an “expert.” Brilliantly portrayed by Broadway actor Philip Hernandez, Fernando became a minor social media hit who brought a whole new audience with him for the inventible showdown with real cigar maker, Camacho.
Zero budget netted 18K fans in weeks, generating engagement rates of more than 75%
Radio Spots
Fernando promotes his Facebook page and cigar expertise in these spots.
Facebook Memes
Social Posts & Fan Comments
Print Ad 
 A 2-page series in Cigar Aficionado began with Fernando promoting his expertise before being busted by Camacho.

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