Banana Boat, along with most sunscreen brands, is purchased mostly by women. This is actually more serious than a marketing problem. Worldwide, men have a greater incidence of melanoma than women. The reason? They don't use sunscreen like women do.
So when Banana Boat asked us to reach out to men on social, we knew that we'd have to change the tone of the brand if we wanted them to purchase sun protection. Instead of touting hibiscus scents and skin-smart coconut oils, we decided to position wearing sunscreen as an act of defiance against the harmful rays of the sun.

Defy the Sun
We developed content geared toward men online and on social media.
We tweaked the tone of the brand, which skews female, to get the attention of our male fans.

We also created a video that teaches men and women about Banana Boat's 7-conditions protection.

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