United "Wanderlust"

Travel guide concepts immerses consumers in destinations.

United publishes a printed travel guide to incentivize customers to fly more often. The brand asked us to create something more eye-catching and interactive. We came back with an idea for a travel guide app gives you a true sense of travel.
Wanderlust is about inspiration anytime. At home, at the office, in the airport. The app transports you from the ordinary and drops you into a 360-degree, first-person view of an exotic location. Your iPad or mobile phone becomes a window into your selected experience, which you can interact with and navigate through. Wanderlust is about immersing you into what could be if you plan your next vacation now.
TL;DR: Instead of telling customers how great your clients product is, why not take them to the center of the experience?
A poster mail piece unfolds into a map that uses an image recognition app to activate the digital experiences.

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