LLS "Someday is Today"

Showing the impact of generosity to increase donations

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society was finding it difficult to retain donors, who would make a single contribution and never return. They needed a way to keep people invested in the cause.
Our research revealed that donors variously seek answers to three questions: "is the organization legitimate?", "will I make an impact?" and "is this relevant to me?" Leveraging the optimistic new tagline "Someday is Today," we reconcepted the donor experience to immediately deliver the psychological benefits people desire when doing good.

The new website needed to be dynamic, personalized and absolutely current

Thank You Email

Donors needed to be rewarded with a thank you, as well as the chance to share proof of their generosity 

Personal Thank You Message

To show personal impact, survivors would send a thank you as well.

Website Post Donation

After driving donors back to the site, the page would be personalized to their experience

Website Stories

Survivor Stories put a real face on the cause, and always included the option to donate again.


Content flowed two ways: from the site to partner research and back.

Impact Ads

To demonstrate the impact of a donation, ads showed what the dollars actually funded.

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