Dell Consumer "Backpack" TV

Watch children fall down.

This internationally aired spot zeroes in on a universal truth: all over the world, school kids are burdened with more homework and activities than ever before. And with all the stuff they have to cram into their backpacks every day, its a wonder they can actually make the trek to school. The solution: Dell laptops pack in more of the stuff kids need for school. Which means they won't have to pack so much stuff into their backpacks. And that's good for growing minds AND groaning backs.
To represent school kids in every major market, we shot this spot in multiple locations in England and Mallorca. We also consulted regional offices to ensure the story resonated locally. Fun fact: the American school bus in this spot was almost impossible to find. We finally located one in Spain, ferrried it over to Mallorca and painted it to look genuine. It's a pretty convincing two seconds, don't you think?
TL;DR: Finding creative ways to tell a product benefit can inspire customers to see new value in your client's offerings. 
TV Spot

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