Best Buy "Loveapoloosa"

Points, love and happiness.

Best Buy asked us to promote a "back to school" private shopping event for its RewardZone loyalty club members and their college-aged kids. At a time when the patronage of its loyalty members is more important than ever to the tech retailer, Best Buy needed to demonstrate its appreciation by giving them a unique and memorable experience.
"Loveapoloosa" was a hugely successful, music festival-themed event that treated the whole family like backstage VIPs at a concert.  We promoted the event with signage that looked like concert posters. We also created VIP badges, Loveapoloosa tour t-shirts, attractions during the event that connected two generations of music fans and more. Rockin!
TL;DR: A strong event concept can deliver a huge experience on a small budget.
Event posters and signage
Email - Dad to Grad
Mobile - Scratch Off

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